About Us

  • GDM Seeds is an extensive global soybean research, development and commercialization company with one of the most comprehensive soybean breeding and testing programs in the world, which is based on more than 1,4 million plots every year.
  • Being present in more than 15 soybean producer countries – in the Northern and Southern hemisphere – GDM genetics yield approximately 21% of global soybean grain.
  • From the start in Argentina´s humid Pampa in the eighties, we have overcome innumerous challenges while achieving our vision: to introduce our germplasm wherever soybean can grow.
  • GDM´s focus has always been to provide high yielding varieties combined with the best technologies to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable framework to meet good and feed world needs.

  • APSOVSEMENTI is a seed leading company with a special focus on winter crops. Boosted by an extensive breeding program the company has a leading position in Italy and remarkable positions across EU countries and in Middle-East, North-Africa, North and South America.
  • APSOVSEMENTI was founded in 1967 by a group of specialized farmers who had a vision to leverage their expertise to create and develop a seeds business based on the production and marketing of high quality winter cereal seeds. Technical competence of our team, strong focus on quality and services and solid partnership with dealers and farmers anable APSOVSEMENTI to be an innovative and dynamic company.